Monday, December 26, 2011

Why a second pantry?

I hope you had a blessed Christmas, and as the new year arrives, may 2012 be an amazing year for you!.

Earlier this month I emailed about our Holiday Hero Campaign. (Click here to read more.) One of the four new things in the new year that prompted the email is the opening of our second pantry.  I want to share just a little more about it.
First, I still don't know what we are going to call this new pantry.  It is something new for us and needs a new name.  Common Cupboard is a pantry for you and me to draw from to serve others.  This new pantry will be a place where people come to us. They will receive government commodities, produce and baked goods along with a heart to listen, love and care. A place we invite people to come experience God's love in practical ways.
Why a second pantry? Well,to make a long story, short. An opportunity to expand our reach into the community came in May.  We were offered to be a host site for TEFAP, the US government commodity distribution program. We were excited to do it, but found out that Common Cupboard focus on delivering groceries was inconsistent with how this program worked. 
This glitch created a gap in the distribution model that Second Harvest had envisioned. The western half of Union County was without a distribution site. We began to look for partners to create a new distribution point.
Through a God ordained, chance meeting, my wife met Leah Parker, Program Director, from June Bugs Child Development Center in Stallings. Over the next couple months this new friendship made way for the opening of this new pantry at June Bugs.
What does this new pantry do for us?  In short it expands our ability to serve in your neighborhood and mine.  It will bring people struggling with unemployment and difficult times to us.  In the Indian Trail area, the reality is that needs are hidden and sometimes difficult to find.  In Monroe, when we started the cupboard, we just went door to door in low income neighborhoods to find people in need to serve.  Here in western Union County, your neighbor may be unemployed and struggling, and you may not know it until the house has been foreclosed.  This new pantry will help bring people out of hiding and help us reach out to them.
In combination with the new benefits and the tax assistance services, you and I will be able to make a major contribution to "bridging the gap" for these families, and open more hearts through demonstrating God's love.
This is one of the four new initiatives as we turn the calendar page.  I will be sharing more about each of these during the next couple weeks. They are the reason that we are looking for 100 Holiday Heroes at the end of the year. You can read more about the four new initiatives and Holiday Heroes at  

Just 6 more days till the calendar page turns. Will you be one of our Holiday Heroes?  Thanks for your prayers, gifts and service.
With one Common Heart, 
Keith Adams
Executive Director

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Three Friends Raising Money for Common Heart. Join them?

There are three friends raising money for Common Heart between Christmas & New Years eve.  You can help too by giving to one of their campaigns or by starting your own and asking your friends to help.  There are some exciting new opportunities to be of service and "bridge the gap" in the upcoming year.  Can you help?

Here are links to each of their pages ...

Doug Shipley
Craig& Christine Calcaterra
Keith Adams

If you would like to create your own fundraising page, here is a link for you.
Just write from you heart and send out to friends asking them to support Common Heart.  For details of the campaign go to Holiday Hero

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Will you be a
Holiday Hero for Common Heart!

As we finish out 2011 and look toward 2012 there are so many exciting new avenues Common Heart will be initiating in January. You will be hearing more about each of these, but let me briefly explain what is coming up in the first few months of 2012.

1. We will be opening a new pantry. Yes, the time has come to open up a second location to serve the hungry in our community. This new pantry will be in Stallings and will be a facility offering US government commodities, fresh produce and baked goods to families in western Union County.

2. Beginning late in January we will be opening a "Virtual VITA Tax Preparation Site". We will be doing taxes for low and middle income families for free this tax season. This will enable us to expand our outreach in the community and get to know and demonstrate God's love to more people.

3. In the first quarter of the year we will add a service called Benefits Bank and open a new division of Common Heart with the working name of "The Bridge: Common Heart Network". Through The Bridge we will begin to connect more people with resources available in through the US government, private foundations, community organizations and local churches.

4. As soon as possible we will need to add our first paid staff position to facilitate all activities to "bridge the gap" between our faith and action, and the resources and the needs of families in our community.

We need some "Holiday Heroes" to be praying, volunteering, and giving so that these new endeavors will expand our small revolution of kindness through out our community.

As a way to say thank you for your gift of $30 or more we will be offering you a free membership in the Hometown Hero Card program ( This card will provide you a year's worth of discounts at over 90 local businesses (and growing every day).  One of those businesses is Common Things Thrift Store.

Please be a "Holiday Hero" and donate before the end of the year. There are a couple ways to give.  You can go donate at If you would like to make a donation each month automatically,  just select the monthly option. You can also send us a check to Common Heart, PO Box 2761, Indian Trail, NC 28079.  And lastly, come visit us at Common Cupboard or Common Things and bring along your Holiday Hero donation.

For any other information or to volunteer please contact me at or 704-458-3744.


Keith Adams
Common Heart Missional Community