Friday, August 24, 2012

Pay It Forward

We give for many reasons. To help others. As a reaction to social and political issues. To create change. The past decade’s Internet explosion and the avalanche of social media that continues to pick up speed have offered efficient and convenient ways to donate to charities from anywhere. Giving has definitely gotten easier.

But, there is more.

Kari Schnobrich, business control executive at Bank of America, shares how you can leverage your employers and multiply your gift. Kari is a dedicated Common Heart volunteer whose four years of involvement and giving have been maximized by her company. “Programs offered by your employer can up to double your donations to nonprofit organizations,” she explains. "My company, Bank of America, supports employees who give their time, service and money to causes important to them through Matching Gifts and Volunteer Grant programs." B of A matches the amount its employees give and offers grant money to organizations once employees complete a certain number of volunteer hours. “It's something many companies offer but that people may forget about later,” says Kari.

Do you work for or belong to an organization that offers matching gifts and/or community service grants? Ask your employer about its policy or get creative with fund-raising on your own. Here are a few ways to have fun while getting more bang for your buck:

·         Power in numbers – give your time and/or money as a group. Start a service project or set a financial goal with your coworkers, Bible study, friends and family.

·         Do what you love – turn a girl's night or football viewing party into a fundraiser. Cook dinner, provide the entertainment or stock the bar and ask guests to give $5 or $10 towards the charity you support.

·         Everyone loves a challenge – find sponsors the next time you run a 5K or participate in a long distance bike race to make going the extra mile beneficial for you and your charity of choice.

No matter which way you decide to give, remember to do so joyfully. Thank you for your continued support of Common Heart! To donate now, click here. For information about pledging, contact Keith at