Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bill needs to be paid today!

Microgiving Opportunity:  Friends, we have a need that we are not able to meet with out your help.  A woman who works at a local fast food restaurant, came in today.  No food in the house, we met that need.  She is only working one day a week and her daughter is starting next week on a part time job.  Her elderly father and granddaughter live with her as well as 2 other family members.   About 6 months ago they had to move because the black mold in home was causing many trips to the ER for her granddaughter.  She is in need of help with a Duke Power bill.  The usual organizations I send folks to first are out of money.  I was wondering if our friends can help with the bill.  It is $211.42 and needs to be paid today to keep the electric on! So time is of the essence.  To help use this link - chose helpffor friends - Microgiving Fund.