Sunday, October 13, 2013

An Adventure into Common Heart (part 1)

To give you a taste of our year, here is what a new friend of Common Heart might write in a journal during 2013 -14.

October 18:  A friend from work asked me to go to this banquet called Love in Action. I had never heard of Common Heart but I decided to go.  It was fun.  I was surprised. They talked about wanting to promote a “small revolution of kindness” through personally serving families in need.  They need volunteers.  I think I might volunteer one of these days.

November 24 : Well, we did it.  My family went over to Common Heart this morning and helped during the Great Turkey Countdown delivery day.  We were assigned deliveries to four families in Waxhaw.  I had never met these people, but I came away so touched.  My kids were amazed that there was so much need so close to home.  It made us all grateful for the blessings God has given us.  One of the kids we met danced around my legs because they were so happy to have a turkey this year. I imagine this happened over and over again with other delivery drivers.  I think I heard them say that 600 families were being blessed today!