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Who?  We are asking all our volunteers if they can become a Love in Action Booster and help us raise the money we need to provide a week’s worth of groceries for the 525 families we serve each month. 
When the initial 4 friends started Common Cupboard just over 9 years ago, we realized the power of pooling our resources to help families in need.  We brought together our time, treasure and talents so that we could help a couple families and invite other friends to join us.  It is in the spirit of those early days, that we reach out to our volunteers and ask that you help to gather the resources we need to help so many families.  If each of our 225 regular volunteers took up the challenge and raised $500 each all the cash donations we need for an entire year would be met!  

What? Each of our regular volunteers serves at least 24 volunteer hours each year. Many of you serve 150 or many more hours.  Your time is valuable and I know you think so, too.  What is your time worth as a missionary of God’s love in the community? $10 an hour?  $20 an hour? $100 hour?  I don’t know, but I know it is worth a lot to us and the families we serve together.  
Do you think you can find some family members, friends, co-workers, church friends etc. to agree that your time is worth it? Would you be willing to ask them to sponsor you for a volunteer hour or two?  They can donate $10, $20, $100 -- whatever they like.  When they do, they will be saying ‘We value you and what you do serving with Common Heart.’   
How? As a Love in Action Booster, you can send a short note asking for their support.  Include an envelope and folks will give. Follow up with a phone call or a personal visit.  We also have this great technology that you can use like text messages, social media and/or email.  Set up a webpage and then text, post, or email it out.  Folks can give online from your personal “Love in Action Booster” donation page.  You can even use this in person. Talk to a friend.  If they want to give they can give you cash, check or you can text a keyword and they will receive a text so they can fulfill their pledge on their smart phone.
When? We begin explaining this to our volunteers in the middle of September and setting up Love in Action Booster accounts.  We will run the “Love In Action Booster Campaign” from October 1 to 23. The 23rd is our annual “Love In Action” fundraising and volunteer recognition banquet.  On that day, we will complete our campaign by celebrating, raising some more funds and recognizing our “Love in Action” volunteers of the year.  This year the banquet will be FREE to all Love in Action Boosters and we encourage our volunteers to come.  Please invite folks to come for free, but remind them that it is a fundraising banquet and we are looking to raise $20,000 in pledges and financial gifts.  So everyone should come bringing their Booster Campaign pledges and  gifts or prepared to give or pledge so we can continue to expand this “small revolution of kindness” during our 10th year of service in the community.
Where?  The culmination of the campaign will be our Love in Action banquet at Weddington United Methodist Church, 13901 Providence Rd., Weddington, NC 28104.  We start setting up at 4 p.m., but the party will start at 7 p.m. We will feature food from 20 local restaurants,  a variety show by volunteers and friends, silent auction, and the recognition of this year’s Love In Action Volunteers & Partners of the Year.

So are you ready to help fund this "small revolution of kindness?"

Next Steps:

STEP 1 Attend our Love In Action Booster Pizza Party, Thursday, Oct. 1 at Common Heart's The Commonplace Community Resource Center (116 Business Park Dr., Suite A, Indian Trail, NC 28079.) Fill out this form and let us know you are coming.

Step 2 Create your Love In Action Booster page to collect donations. (You can do this now or at the Pizza Party.) Click on this link to sign up and set up your own Love In Action Booster page.  Customize the wording.  Add your picture.  The site will email you and tell you how to share your Love In Action Crowdfunding page.  

Step 3 Make a list of 25 to 50 names, mobile phone numbers, email address (or mailing addresses) of people who you can contact. Don't forget to include companies you do business with (ie. your dentist, mechanic, insurance agent, hairdresser/barber etc.).

Step 4 Send an email or mail to your list and follow it up with a phone call a couple days later. Here are some great ideas and sample letters and scripts you can use. The key is to be excited to be a part of what we are doing to serve families in need. Share your involvement and ask if they can see the value and donate to sponsor some of your volunteer hours. Challenge your friends, family members and co-workers to help, because your time is worth it!

Step 5 Follow up with a text message or phone call with those who have not given yet. Don't get discouraged. Not everyone will give, that is why your list has 40 or so names on it. If you keep plugging along and keep telling the story, you will be a success. Add people to your list as they come to mind.

Step 6 Make sure to come to the Love In Action Banquet on October 23 at Weddington UMC.  Bring any checks or pledges you have.  We will compile all the results and be sharing them throughout the night.  This year the event is free, but it is a fundraiser, so be sure to let folks know to come prepared to give so we can help even more families in need! Sign up for your free tickets at

Here is a link to lots of information to help you be a Love In Action Booster.

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