Friday, May 25, 2012

Calling all painters, carpenters, handymen and volunteers, The Commonplace is Expanding!!!

A year ago we moved The Commonplace to its new location at 116 Business Park Dr.  We had no idea that a year later we would be busting out the seems.  Thirteen months ago we inhabited 900 square feet, a small shed and a 45foot semi trailer.  Today we have 2500 square feet for an office, Thrift Store and Cupboard, plus the 45 & a 28 foot trailer, plus we have 2000 square feet warehouse space,  a computer room and a pantry storage space off site in opposite directions!  And it is not enough room!

Well, the news is that on June 1st we will be expanding into the suite next door giving us over 5,000 square feet.  This is great news!  The Cupboard and Common Things will no longer be sharing warehouse space. Common Things will have its own processing warehouse, and expanded floor space for the store.  We will be able to bring the computer room to The Commonplace, and provide needed space for Common Heart CONNECTS to operate.

Our open house for The (new expanded) Commonplace will be during The Commonplace Festival on June 30.  But right now we need a lot of help to get the space up and running. There is a list of projects we have to do starting June 1.

Cleaning, spackling, painting .. to start right away. Insulating , electrical, plumbing work too.  Also putting in 3 doors, and building a room in the warehouse.  Both volunteers and supplies are needed.  Can you help?  Contact us at

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