Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Heartfelt Thank You & Update

Dear Friends,

I would like to take a moment to thank all the people who helped make the Feinstein Challenge an amazing success.  You and all of our supporters mean a lot to this small nonprofit, its volunteers and staff.  Because so many people give donations, both large and small, we are able to help over 15, 000 families a year.  As you know March and April were Million Dollar Challenge months.  Gifts of groceries, pledges and cash for the two months equaled $45,594.  This is substantially more than we have ever collected in 2 months.  Thank you so much for helping make this campaign a success!
The summer is gearing up to be very busy with opportunities to serve the community and to get the word out about Common Heart’s “small revolution of kindness.”
  • I am scheduled to speak at two churches thus far.  We are excited about our partnerships with two local United Methodist congregations – St Francis and Mill Grove. I will be sharing our story during three services at Mill Grove on May 19th and at the Crossroads series at St Francis on June 30th.  I am sure they wouldn't mind a few guests. I would love to share at your church, Sunday school or men’s/women’s group.
  • We will be at the Indian Trail Family Fun Day on June 8th letting people know what we do and how they can get involved.  Stop by and visit our booth or sign up to volunteer.
  • Tuesday June 18th, we have the privilege of partnering with Speedway Children’s Foundation and Feed the Children. Two tractor trailers full of food will be delivered here to feed 800 families just as school gets out.  It is going to be busy here arranging the logistics to get all that food out to families in 3 hours!  If you want to help, there is a lot to do between now and the day of distribution!
  • June 24th is the rescheduled date for the 3rd Annual Golf Tournament, and just 10 days later we will be putting on the first Common Heart Firecracker Run in Lake Park on July 4th.
As you can see, I need your prayers and so does every member of our team! Good stuff going on.  
Thank you for sharing and giving!
Together, Bridging the Gap,

Keith Adams
Executive Director

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