Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Rockin' fun for kids!

Many of the children our volunteers have served this month have gotten an extra special treat thanks to our friends at the Union County Community Arts Council -- rock painting kits!!!

These fun arts projects are being handed out to families with children who come to one of our evening pantries throughout the county. We can't tell you how many SMILES we've seen with these special gifts!

Barbara Faulk, executive director of the Arts Council, said her 40-year-old nonprofit organization donated about 230 of the kits and is "pleased to support Common Heart’s mission to serve the vital needs of our community" with adding some art enrichment.

"Our organization believes that the arts fulfill a basic human need to create, design, explore and engage in an activity that brings joy and happiness through challenging times," Barbara said. "It is our pleasure to support Common Heart’s mission by showing our love, compassion and kindness."


Did you know the Arts Council also provides: 

Arts in Education – cultural arts programs and services serve all Union County schools by promoting education, character and moral development.  Programs address bullying, inclusion, diversity and self-esteem.  Over 45,600 students were served in 2020 through UCCAC arts education programs.

Community Programs – Community outreach is a goal of UCCAC, sponsoring dozens of cultural events each year.  Over 130,000 residents received the benefit of community events in 2020.

Grant Programs – offering grant opportunities for Union County artists and art organizations and for system-wide teacher and school projects related to the arts.  Over $160,000 was awarded to artists, artists organizations, schools and community organizations in 2020.

For more details, visit www.unionarts.org or find the Arts Council on Facebook!   


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