Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Theme for 2015?

   A new year has arrived and this is our first email newsletter. I hope it finds you well and blessed. I can say that we are truly blessed because we have friends like you; friends who pray for us, donate, and give of their time and talents.
   It's been suggested that we create a theme for the year. As I ponder, many themes come to mind. They revolve around people - as Common Heart is all about people. Maybe it should be the year of the volunteer, donor, partner or servant? Or maybe it's the year of the less fortunate, a friend in need, or the left behind? 
   How do we roll this all up into one year when Common Heart is about so many people doing small things with great love and bridging the gap for folks in our community?                               
   Jesus told a story about a man who was beaten by robbers to demonstrate how we are to love others. Two religious people wouldn't stop to help their countryman lying half dead on the side of the road, but a despised racial half-breed, foreigner and religious outsider (a Samaritan) risked everything to help. At the end of the story, Jesus asked which of the three men - the two religious guys or the despised person - was a neighbor to the man in need? 
   The one who demonstrated mercy and helped was the answer. Today we call this the Parable of the Good Samaritan, but maybe we should call it the parable of a good neighbor.
   We are called to be neighbors and "Love our neighbor as we love ourselves." We find neighbors to love all around. Neighbors are not just next door to each other.     They may live across the county, on the other side of the world or in our own home. But a neighbor in need, needs a neighbor's kindness and love. By loving others, we begin to fulfill God's dream. We are joined
together by the common heart of love we share with God for our community, nation, and world.
   I think maybe this should be the "Year of the Neighbor." During this year, I pray God expands his heart of love in us. May we see neighbors everywhere and demonstrate this loving heart through kindness.
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Keith Adams                           
Executive Director
Common Heart

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