Monday, October 19, 2015

Got a question about the Cupboard?

Common Cupboard FAQ

How did Common Cupboard start?
The idea for Common Cupboard came about in 2006 when the four friends began crossing paths with people who needed a little extra help. For whatever reason – family crisis, unemployment or illness – they had difficulty meeting basic needs. These were people just like you and me. We began by grabbing an extra bag of groceries at the store or going to our own pantries and giving what we could to help. It dawned on us that if we pooled our financial and food resources along with donations from the community, we could help more people and equip others to reach out. From there a “small revolution of kindness” has grown into Common Heart.
What started as four friends wanting to help neighbors in need, has become a community of hundreds reaching out and serving.                          

Why do we encourage churches and individuals 
to partner with us?
Our mission is to bridge gaps and transform lives, and we do this by building relationships between individuals – those serving and being served – and by connecting people with their community. We believe that people helping people has more positive potential than an organization or agency giving handouts. Because of this philosophy, we want to keep Common Cupboard in the background and, if possible, unseen by those receiving assistance.
We hope that what they see is a caring person, a neighbor or a church serving with kindness and love. We believe we are called not just to help a hungry family, but encourage relationships.

Why do we encourage delivery of food to homes?
While distribution from a central location is convenient, we feel that it can set up an institutional mentality that we want to avoid.
By visiting people, developing relationships and seeing needs first-hand, we make a larger impact in the lives of those we serve. We know their names, listen to their stories and learn what they need so we can connect them with other vital services. It may take time and energy, but it is well worth it.                     

Where does the food come from?
We are a grassroots organization of friends and neighbors, so those who volunteer are involved in giving. We also rely on the community – churches, businesses and other organizations – to help. From organizing food drives and donating items to giving financially, it takes support from the entire community to do what we do.
In addition, we are an agency of Second Harvest Metrolina. This partnership allows us to access food from their food bank at a very low rate and acquire the needed items we give away freely to families in need.

How can I help?
Hundreds of volunteer hours are required each month to sort, pack and deliver groceries. Money is necessary to acquire food and keep the refrigerators and freezers cool.
Churches can match their members and small groups with one, two or 10 hungry families to serve. Individuals can shop for groceries, pick up donations and organize fundraisers or food drives. Businesses can sponsor our mission and give tax-deductible donations.

To get involved, email Executive Director Keith Adams at or call 704-218-9060.

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