Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Funding a Small Revolution of Kindness

Funding a Small Revolution of Kindness

What is a $20 bill worth?
For many of us, it represents a good meal at our favorite restaurant. At Common Heart it is a family fed for a week! Just $20 per month provides a family of four a big box of nonperishibles, 8-10 pounds of meat, and 3-4 bags of fresh produce, bread and baked goods.

What can we do with $220?
So far this heating season, we kept 13 families warm by paying their heating bill. On average, it took just $220 per family to keep the heat on!

What will we do with $800?
Our Kindness Connects! Initiative will bring on two part-time employees to focus on developing resources for families in need. 
$800 will pay the salaries of these two people for a month.  Our “Lead Ally” will work directly with our neighbors in need to connect them with resources to bridge the gap and transform their lives. Our “CONNECTS Manager” will work directly with local churches to help them develop their ministries to transform our community through the Charitas Network. 
$800 will directly impact the lives of our most vulnerable seniors, single parents, people with disabilities, unemployed and those in crisis by connecting them with caring people who will love and serve them!

If you help us reach our goal of $30,000 …
  • 1,000 families will be fed for a week.
  • Our Charitas Network will be fully functional and mobilize 20 churches to serve an estimated 200 of our neighbors in need.

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