Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Students showing kindness

Our Monday night food pantry coordinator, Rick Hepner, wrote this recently to staff at Porter Ridge High School complimenting his fellow pantry volunteers who are students there in the Health Occupations Students of America organization, or HOSA.  We love our student volunteers and are so glad to have them as part of this "small revolution of kindness!"  
Got a group who wants to volunteer? Inquire at  http://Volunteering.CommonHeart.org 

Just wanted to share something about a few of your students:  Jimmy Nguyen, Vinh Dao, Jonny Tran, Anna Pham, Michelle Salazar and Kathy Bui. 
I met them about a year ago where they volunteer at the food pantry that I chair. The food pantry is run out of Mill Grove United Methodist Church in partnership with Common Heart. Food distribution is held each Monday night as part of the TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program). We serve approximately 50 to 75 families weekly.                       

Last Monday night I saw something that I wanted to share. One of our neighbors in need, who is about 75 years old, was dropped off by a neighbor to get food. I was getting ready to leave for the night and noticed these students in our rear parking lot. I went over and they told me they were waiting with the elderly lady for her ride to arrive. They had been waiting with her for a while as it was about 8:30 p.m. They told me they did not want to leave her alone. 

It touched my heart that these young adults had so much compassion and kindness. It would have been easy to turn their heads and walk away, but they did not.    

These students give wholeheartedly in volunteering each Monday night and we've enjoyed seeing many other Porter Ridge HOSA students serve. Their values and work ethic are excellent.  Our program is a better place because of Jimmy Nguyen, Vinh Dao, Jonny Tran, Anna Pham, Michelle Salazar, and Kathy Bui!  Thanks Porter Ridge students! 

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