Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cori's story: "God provides"

With the inaugural Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World graduation ceremony coming up next week, we want to share stories from a few of the participants. Meet Cori -- a neighbor in need who also helps others in our community struggling to buy groceries.
Join us Tuesday, May 23 at 6 p.m. at Mill Grove UMC's Sun Valley campus for dinner and celebration for these graduates and their families. Sign up here to let us know you're coming.

Cori Favor is a volunteer delivery driver for our Common Cupboard food pantries who also receives
Getting Ahead participant Cori Favor
food for herself. In fact, until recently the 44-year-old didn't have a place to call home – she was finding shelter sleeping on friends' couches in Monroe. It's better than sleeping in her car, she said.    

With a background in Christian ministry, Cori has lived life in various economic classes. Until last month when she found a full-time job, she was working just 10-12 hours a week at Family Video. Her husband, recovering from a drug addiction, is in prison and will come home next month.  

“I've been in such diverse places economically. I've lived in a mansion and I've lived on the streets,” she said. “I think the biggest difference is ignorance of the other person's situation or knowing how to communicate.”

Despite the difficulties, Cori's not scared or depressed about her future.  

“God has provided. I don't always know how it's coming or when it's coming, but God provides,” she said.  

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