Thursday, May 4, 2017

In her own words ... one volunteer's story

One of our Cupboard volunteers, Lisa Richards, surprised us recently by submitting Common Heart for consideration as the Nonprofit of the Month with her employer, Chronotek in Waxhaw. We were thrilled to be honored with a donation and these kind words from Lisa.   
Lisa Richards

Check out her Common Heart story ...

About seven years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Keith Adams. An ordained minister, Keith has a heart for sharing God’s love with people at their most basic need: food. He is passionate about building bridges with those who live in poverty and decided that is where God needed him most.

This wonderful organization has grown from a few friends delivering food in 2006 to over 700 families being fed each month today. I have loved our family’s connection to this relational ministry that encourages not only monthly food delivery, but the fostering of friendships between people who may never meet in any other circumstance.

The friends that I have met when I deliver their groceries are dear to my heart and I look forward to my monthly visits with them. I have been a part of their struggles and joys and they of mine. I have been able to celebrate new babies and a wonderful young man entering college… the first in his family. I have been to funerals and checked on my friends when they are ill.

It’s amazing how God has opened my eyes to the similarities in all of His children, even those who may seem incredibly different.

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